How do I install Access 2003 under MS Office 2007



I am trying to install Access 2003, but because I have Office 2007 installed,
the system is telling me that I need to have Office 97, 2000 or 2003. Is this
correct? I loaded my old Access 97 CD, but the system tells me that it can't
find Office 97, 2000 or 2003. Is there an upgrade for Access 2003? What do I


Arvin Meyer [MVP]

It is generally recommended to install versions of Office/Access in the
order they were published. I have done otherwise though. It is imperative
that you install each version in it's own directory, otherwise they will
overwrite one another and create a mess.

I recommend that you uninstall Office 2007, reboot, run a registry cleaner,
reboot again, and then start installation with the oldest version first. Be
sure that you install everything, not just the default installation, and
also make sure that you install the service packs before moving to the next

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