I am having trouble with getting the cursor to show up when I type. All I
get is the + sign.For instance I have spreadsheet premade and when I go into
the spreadsheet to add new data,there is no cursor to add info to the text
that is already in the cell. ie:
in the cell might say module and I need to add December to make it December
Module, but there is not cursor so what ever I type, it clears the entire box
instead of adding the info to it. Or if I misstype something and try and
correct it. Nothing.
I can change it in the formula bar, but I want to change on the spreadsheet.

Also, when I try to copy and paste say a tracking # in the cell, It goes
into some fourmula and I can right click on the cell, and format cells and go
to #'s and move the decimal point, and hit ok. That changes it, but it makes
me have to right click every cell. I tried highlighting the whole colum and
right click and format and change the decimal point, but it will not change.



Gord Dibben

In 2003 and earlier.

Tools>Options>Edit. Checkmark "edit directly in cell"

To change the decimal point on all cells in a range with numbers like
10000.00 to numbers like 100.00, enter 100 in an unused cell.

Copy, select the range to change then Paste Special>Divide>OK>Esc

All numbers will be divided by 100 to return 100.00

Clear the contents of the helper cell.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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