How do I get correct page numbers on the index of a 500 page doc?



I have a very large document which I have indexed. Because the indexing
takes line space, page numbers are changed so that by the end of the
document, the index is about 8 pages incorrect. I have made a duplicate file
and changed font sizes in the duplicate which creates the index in order to
have page numbers correct. However, this is a nightmare and very, very
time-consuming, not to mention that the up-date of the document then has to
be done to both files, the master and the indexed file. There has to be a
better way!


Index entries ({XE } fields) are automatically formatted as Hidden
text. Even if you have Hidden text displayed (for instance by turning
on Show Non-Printing Characters), Word assigns the page numbers in the
index according to the page where the markers fall when the Hidden
text is indeed hidden.

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