How do I mark index references automatically across multiple docs.



I'm writing a book with 8 chapters. Each chapter is a separate Word doc. I
need to create an index that spans all 8 docs. Is it possible to
AUTOMATICALLY mark references in all 8 docs and to create an index which
covers all the documents?

I see how to mark references for an index, but I currently have to mark the
list of terms for the index in all 8 documents.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Stefan Blom

It will be easier to keep the entire document in a single file.

To automate indexing, you *could* use a concordance file, but note that it
requires some work to set up such a file, and when you create an index based
on it, you get *all* occurrences of the listed words (which may not
contribute to creating a user-friendly index).

If you want to try setting up a concordance file, just create a Word
document with a two-column table; create a new row for each new word that
you are listing. For each row, the left cell contains the word that you want
to be marked, and the right cell includes the text to display in the index.
When you are done, save the file.

Then use the Index dialog box to AutoMark entries (for each of your separate

In order to create an index and/or a TOC for all of those separate files,
("Creating a Table of Contents Spanning Multiple Documents").

For more on indexing in general, see

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