How do I get all received email messages to show once received?



Outlook 2003, my ISP recently changed so did all my email address extension,
and along with that I changed the addresses for daily group emails I receive
from a few Yahoo Groups. The ISP said they are overwhelmed with the
transition and suggested that I turn to Microsoft for counsel. I have not
seen other emails but not any of my daily ones show up since 07/24/07 and I
know that my Outlook has probably received them, although I cannot find them
in any folder I have. All my rules have been verified to make certain those
are not deleting them. I have reduced the size of my .pst to assure myself
that nothing was obstructing receipt. Does anyone have any suggestions I
might try in order to see those emails? Pls. help - one of those is a
fantastic job search tool message.

Susan Comeaux
(e-mail address removed)

BillR [MVP]

Have you checked with the Yahoo Groups you belong to to see if messages to
you are bouncing?
Also check in your Junk Mail folder. Add the Yahoo Alias to "Safe Senders".


Thank you for the response BillR. I am now awaiting a response from each of
the Yahoo Groups to determine if the messages have been bouncing. Nothing is
in the Junk Mail folder and the Yahoo Alias has been added to the "Safe
Senders" list. Actualy for one of the Groups it had been there for some
time, but now the domain is included.

I shall see what tomorrow brings by way of responses from all and will let
you know. Comcast had recommended that I only utilize their webmail for the
present time, although I find it lacking in many ways.

Susan Comeaux
(e-mail address removed)

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