How do I fix 452 Error: too many recipients in MS Outlook 2003?


Posh Spice

When attempting to send to 25 (Twenty Five) recipients, I get error message
452 stating too many recipients - is it possible to amend this figure to be
able to send to a max of 100 recipients on a home machine (no network)? If
so, how please!!

John Blessing

AFAIK this is a limit set by your ISP, you could try asking them but I doubt
they will change their policy. Look up "mail merge" in the Outlook Help or
try our email scheduler ( which will allow you to
send multiple individual emails, html or plain text, with attachments,
either as a one-off or regularly at a specified time and interval. The
recipients list can be drawn from your Outlook Contacts, a plain text
file,database or spreadsheet.

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Posh Spice

Many thanks to both respondees for such a quick response!
Very much appreciated.

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