How do I delete all appointments/calendar items from Outlook?



I use Outlook 2002 (SP3) that came with Windows Mobile 2003 running on a
Vista Home Premium box. Is there a way to delete all appointments/calendar
items from Outlook at once? It would be almost ippossibe to delete every
appointment/calendar item one by one.

When I have to delete and recreate a partnership to my pocket pc I have
double of every appointment. If I can delete all appointments/calendar
items in outlook 2002 I can quickly/easily reestablish all the correct
appointments/calendar items from a backup.

I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling outlook 2002. After completely
removing outlook 2002 and reinstalling it, all the double
appointments/calendar items came back LOL. Where did they come from? Did
not windows uninstaller uninstall it? Why would Microsoft have an
uninstaller that does not do its job completely? I thought that is why
windows has an uninstaller? LOL again

How do I delete all appointments/calendar items from Outlook?

Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

It's not that hard - when you know how....

View the Calendar in a Table view - By Category is good. Select all. Delete.

If you need more instruction on any step, come back and let me know what you
don't know how to do.


Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook
Trainer and Consultant


Bill R

Use a table-based view then ctrl+A to select all. At that stage I'd drag and
drop to a newly created Calendar instead of deleting.

Which operating system are you using? If you use Vista then you might be
able to resolve your problem by doing an advanced or one-way sync. Check in
a pocket PC News group and look here:

There are also duplicate removes that might or might not help depending on
how the synch software reacts to the removed entries.
Look here:


Uninstalling OL doesnt impact on data files, If you uninstalled Word and the
process deleted all your Docs you'd be pretty miffed

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