How do I default the Address Book.....




When I click the 'To:' icon when addressing an email, is there a way I can
get the 'Show Names from the:' look in box to default to one of the other
address books in the list? For instance, I want it to always default to a
folder named 'Public Contacts' and each time I go into the 'To:' option, it
defaults back to another address book.

I have gone through the Tools/Email Accounts/View or Change existing
directories or address books and I made sure it is showing this Public
Contacts folder and I have also gone through the
Contacts/File/Folder/Properties for my folder name/Outlook Address Book tab
and clicked the 'Show this folder as an email address book/ok.

We are current users of Outlook 2003/Exchange Server and this is a new
computer/user we are setting up and I just can't seem to figure out how to
make that field default to the 'Public Contacts' address book instead of the
current 'Global Address Book'.

We can use the To: option, however we always have to do the extra steps to
choose the Public Contacts from the 'Show Names from the:' box before typing
the name search in the search field. I could swear that we had this same
problem when we originally set up all other users way back when and somehow
resolved it to default the Public Contacts but I can't remember what/how we
did it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am sure I am just missing some very small step in the process somewhere
but before I pull the rest of my hair out.........please HELP! :)

K. Orland

Hi Judy

If you are able to view both the standard and advanced toolbars in Outlook,
do you see the little address book icon? Click on that. Then click on Tools >
Options. Set the order of your address book preferences there (ie: Global
Address book, Contacts, etc.).

Let me know if that does the trick for you or not.


BINGO! Thank you soooo much Kathleen! Who woulda thunk to look there?? (I
can't believe how many different places you have to know/remember/figure out,
how to do things in with Outlook!)

Thanks again!

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