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Greetings -

I am a NEW user to Outlook. There is not one molecule in my body that is
intuitive to anything that Microsoft creates. But, if I labor long enough,
or someone is patient with me, I can come to understand this stuff.

I am trying to write a simple little email message to my dad, and include a
hyperlink to a website (these are sometimes called "links" or "hotlinks" - I
don't get hung up on the jargon, but after reading through several postings
at this forum it appears "hyperlink" is the preferred term).

At my work, we have different email software. In order to include a
hyperlink in an email message at work, I simply highlight the web address (by
clicking on the address at the top of the window) > CTRL C (to copy) > go to
the email message > click where I want the insertion point > CTRL V (to

The link is then displayed with a fancy color (and maybe it even "flashes"
if you hover your cursor over it). The fancy color is visible both to me as
the sender and to the receipient.

OK - keeping in mind that I have the intelligence of a kindergartner when it
comes to Outlook, can anyone explain how I include a hyperlink in an Outlook

Erik Hendrickson



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

do it pretty much the very same way - copy it from the address bar, paste in
it the message then press enter or add space after it to make it clickable.


Thank you for your replies - I can tell you're trying to help. I appreciate

However, I may have stumbled into something a bit more complex than I thought.

The link I'm trying to include in an Outlook message is like this one:

Perhaps it has "properties" different that an ordinary web link that causes
it to behave differently when copying and pasting into a message (I have been
successful copying and pasting "ordinary" web links into a message.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this - I thought I had checked the
box "Notify me of replies", but apparently I did not (either that, or the
"notify me of replies" feature isn't working).

And then, experimenting with this issue, I tried forwarding my original
message to see if the links became "hot", and the new text for the forwarded
message shows up blue. But then in another experiment forwarding a different
email message, the new text shows up as black (but in plain text - whereas
the blue text was rich).

I saw the internet training that attempted to explain the difference between
rich text, html text and plain text - but I didn't get it. And trying to
figure out how to get back to that site is difficult.

OK - thanks again for putting up with my questions. I do search through
these forums, and sometimes I find previous information that helps. Erik


Well - here it is the end of February, and I still haven't figured it out.

The question is not "how do I copy and paste a hyperlink into an Outlook
message". I know how to do that, and kind people have answered (and
confirmed what I have attempted intuitively).

The question is much, much deeper, and metaphysical: "why doesn't it work
for me".

This could actually be an interesting problem to tackle. It relates to
human psychology, and the reason some people (me) just don't like ms software.

I just sent two messages, each included a hyperlink. Several minutes after
sending the messages, I pulled them up in my "sent" folder, and saw that the
"hyperlinks" were not "active" - that is, they were not shown in color, there
was no underline, and I could not "click" on them to go back to the web site
they referenced.

I have an 8th grade diploma (and a master's degree in engineering, but the
8th grade diploma should be sufficient). What doesn't the simple "copy and
paste" work? I "copy and paste" hyperlinks a dozen times a day at work,
using Lotus Notes, and never, never, ever have a problem. Why - after using
Microsoft Outlook for 2 months is it still not working?

I'm doing something "wrong". Or I don't have a radio button set the right
way. Or I should have selected some option in a different way. Or ....
What is it that's staring me right in the face and I can't see it?

Thank you.


Here's a thought: Is it because I use keyboard shortcuts, rather than
clicking with a mouse (I love using the keyboard - I hate using the mouse - a
macintosh gimmick)



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

After you paste the hyperlink, type something after it -- a space, a comma, a period, or just press Enter to end the line.

Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
Author of Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003

and Microsoft Outlook Programming - Jumpstart for
Administrators, Power Users, and Developers


Didn't work. I sent a test message with several hyperlinks, ending with each
of the suggested punctuations. When I pulled up the message in the "sent"
folder, none of the hyperlinks were active.

Here's my new hypothesis: it has something to do with the virus checking

Or - maybe with the security settings in Outlook.

Or - something is set in Customize or Options (but I've spent part of
yesterday looking around in there - so I'm not sure).

I'll spend some time investigating the security angle.

Thank you for your interest. (When you think of it as a detective problem -
it's kind of interesting - isn't it? Instead of just some dumb poor computer
illiterate jerk who can't figure out this Microsoft stuff.)




Well, I've been at this a couple hours now. Still haven't figured it out. I
guess Microsoft showed me, huh?

It might actually be an issue with Word instead of Outlook. I check various
settings (check boxes) in Word, and it appeared that the boxes to "replace
web addresses with hyperlinks" were correctly checked.

It's 1:00 am. I'm exhausted. Guess I'll slog away trying to figure out
more tomorrow. Thanks.

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