How do I convert Wordperfect documents into Word format?



My employer will at times send e-mail that I am only able to access from home
in a Corel Wordperfect format. I only use Microsoft Word. How do I download
file attachments from WordPerfect and make them readable in MS Word?

Herb Tyson [MVP]

What version of Word do you have? Most late-model versions of Word can
handle even WordPerfect 12 documents. If Word doesn't recognize the files as
WP, you might need to add the necessary converter(s). Exact steps vary by
version. For Office 2003:

From the control panel, choose Add or Remove Programs - Microsoft Office -
Change - Add or Remove Features - Next - Choose Advanced Customization of
Applications - Next - expand Office Shared Features, and look for Converters
and Filters. Is Text Converters set to "Run All from My Computer"?

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