how do I combine 2 different contact lists in My Contacts?

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MarlinPress Manager

When I got a new computer, the contents of my distribution lists disappeared
so I had to import the whole Contacts again from the old computer and ended
up with two separate lists of Contacts. I haven't been very good about
noticing if I use only one or the other. Can I combine the two, then deal
with duplicates?


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

You have now demonstrated for everyone two of the many reasons you never
transfer Outlook data by importing:
1. DL's are destroyed
2. You may create duplicate folders or data files.

Sometimes the duplicate Folder can be deleted, sometimes it can't, depending
on what you did. If you can R click on either folder and get an active
option to delete the folder, then you can certainly combine the Contacts
into one folder and delete the duplicate folder.

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