How do I change the language of Vista to English ?



I have purchased Vista Home Preimum with Acer laptop in Italy.
How can I change the language of the operating system from Italian into
English language?

Any help please

Thank you in advance

Richard G. Harper

Unfortunately, you don't. You would need to purchase an English copy of
Vista Home Premium and install it clean, wiping everything off the laptop.
Home Premium does not support changing languages.

Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User] (e-mail address removed)
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Rick Rogers


As Richard has indicated, you would need an English copy of Vista HP to
install. An alternative method, though not really any cheaper, would be to
upgrade to Vista Ultimate where you would then be able to download and
install the English language MUI to change the operating system language.

If all you really need is to be able to use English type for the keyboard,
this support can be installed from the Control Panel/Regional and Language
Options on the Keyboard tab.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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