How do I change column addresses from numeric to alpha?



The old style Excel was formated so that alpha characters were the column
markers and the row characters were numeric. It was easy to reference a cell
such as 4D or 26RR telling you to go to the 4th row and column D or the 26th
row and column RR. The version of Excel I have is 2003 and all of the row
and column references are numeric. Can the column markers be changed




Dave Peterson

Tools|Options|General tab|Uncheck R1C1 reference style.

This is a setting that excel picks up from the first workbook that it opens in
that session. So if you have a workbook that has that setting (maybe a
co-worker likes R1C1 reference style) and you're unlucky enough to open it as
the first workbook, then you'll want to remember how to change it.

Ps. Older versions had the same feature. Believe it or not, lots of people
like it. Go figure, huh?

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