How do I calculate at timed intervals?



I want to perform calculations at timed intervals. I wrote the
following macro:

Public Function CalcNow(CurTime As Date) As Boolean
Static bInitialized As Boolean
Static StartTime As Date, EndTime As Date
Dim TimeDiff As Double

If Not bInitialized Then
StartTime = Now()
EndTime = Now()
bInitialized = True
End If
EndTime = Now()
TimeDiff = (EndTime - StartTime) * 86400
If TimeDiff > 5 Then
StartTime = Now()
End If
End Function

The current time is in cell A1 and I pass that value to trigger the
running of the function every second - BUT since I am in manual
calculation mode, cell A1 does not update - UGH!!

Any suggestions are appreciated.


forget about the CurrTime.
Make the Function a Sub and run it.
Gary Brown
(e-mail address removed)
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