microsoft office web components wizard in office 2010


Pink Panther

I'm using office 2003 and in office 2003 I programmed something.
The mean idea is that I show a form and on the form I put a control
(spreadsheet). This control comes throug a reference to microsoft office web
components wizard.
The problem is, I upgraded to office 2010 and office 2010 doesn't have this
Because this component isn't available, this causes errors.

Does anybody have a solution for me?
I use this component to show a part of a spreadsheet on a form.
In every visible cell in this component are times, for example, a1 07:30, a2
8:00, a3 8:30 and so on till 18:30.
I programmed a selectionchange procedure that returns the selected period
(that is standing for worktime) and put the result on the main sheet of the
workbook. This was working very well, untill the upgrade to office 2010.

Private Sub TimeSheet_SelectionChange()
starttime = TimeSheet.Selection.Value
If Not IsArray(starttime) Then
Exit Sub
End If
endtime = starttime(UBound(starttime), 1)

'Plaats begin / eindtijd
ActiveCell.Value = Format(starttime(1, 1), "hh:mm") & "-" & Format(endtime,
'Plaats gewerkte uren
AantalUrenZonderPauze = CDate(endtime) - CDate(starttime(1, 1))
If AantalUrenZonderPauze < 6 / 24 Then Werktijd = AantalUrenZonderPauze
If AantalUrenZonderPauze >= 6 / 24 Then Werktijd =
AantalUrenZonderPauze - 1 / 48
If AantalUrenZonderPauze >= 10 / 24 Then Werktijd =
AantalUrenZonderPauze - 4 / 96
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) = Format(Werktijd, "hh:mm")
End Sub

Is there any solution so I could still use this in office 2010?

PS: I can't install extra librarys or something else, it has to run on a my
work pc and that is part of a network. The problem is I have no
administrator rights to install some extra libraries, so it standard has to
be in office 2010.

Thanks in advance...

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