how do I add series lines to a an excel stacked chart




I accessed the Help Menu for this Q. and it says that I have to go to
-Format-Select Chart Area-Options Tab. Here, I'd have to select the type of
lines I want to use to link a data point on a stacked bar with other data
points of the same type on all other stacked bars I have on my chart.

I want to use series lines as compared to drop lines or high-low
lines...However, there are no line options in the Options Tab. The only
options I have are: Gap Depth, Gap Width, and Chart Depth.

Seems like an error on the Help Menu? Can anyone tell me how can I use
series lines. Thanx.



Jon Peltier

You should really avoid using chart types with fake 3D styling. In addition
to being unable to use many features of 2D charts, 3d charts are notorious
for distorting their data and for being difficult to interpret. Some people
think they "look nice", but it's not worth losing information and clarity to
make some marketing types or managers think the chart "looks nice".

- Jon


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