Clustered-Stacked-Column Combo Chart With Lines




I'm hoping you'll be able to help me with this...

I have multiple charts (Clustered-Stacked-Column Combo Chart With Lines)
with the same layout and currently I have to manually update them .... one
series at a time (7 in each chart and 30 charts).... :blush:(
I would like to automate this as much as possible.
I have a data range from Jan 09 to Dec 2010... However the line series of
the charts reference another data table.
I would like to specify the Start point and End point of the chart (12month

The issue herein lies that these charts have already been created and I am
wanting to modify(automate) these as the format and detail work.

I'm using excel 2003.
The link is an example of the charts I am working with

Many thanks





Shane Devenshire


Since the default setting in Excel is to plot visible cells only, you can
apply a filter to your data ranges and the chart will plot only the displayed

For example a column called Date could have a AutoFilter applied. Then
choose Custom from the filter and choose "is greater than or equal to" from
the first drop down and enter a starting date to the right. Choose And as
the operator and "is less than or equal to for the second condition and enter
your ending date.

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