Combine stacked column and line chart w/series lines



My application requires a stacked colunm chart with series lines combined
with a minimum of three (3) data series represented as lines. Using the
combined column-line chart I loose both the column "stack" and series lines
between column elements. Any help adding Lines for three data series to and
existing stacked column chart will be most appreciated.



Jon Peltier

The built-in custom types have limited usefulness. Here's how to make your
own combination charts.

Plot all data as stacked columns. Double click a column and on the Options
tab, select Series Lines. Select a series you want changed to a line, choose
Chart Type from the Chart menu, and choose the line style you want. Repeat
for another series, or press the F4 key.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services - Tutorials and Custom Solutions -
2006 Excel User Conference, 19-21 April, Atlantic City, NJ

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