Using the full width of an Excel chart with two Y-axes


Joern Schou-Rode

I am trying to create a line chart in Excel 2007 with two data series, each
with their own Y-axis.

First, I create a simple chart by selecting the two data series, and
choosing [Insert > Charts > Line] from the Ribbon. I now see the following
chart in my workbook:

I then continue my quest by right clicking one of the data series (lines)
and choosing [Format data series > Series Options > Secondary Axis]. My chart
is now looks like this:

This is almost what I want. I did not expect to see the gap between the last
X-axis tick point (x = 5) and the secondary (right most) Y-axis. Why does
Excel introduce this gap?

Is there anything I can do to avoid it? I have tried right clicking the
X-axis and seleting [Format Axis > Axis Options > Position Axis: Between tick
marks], but that only introduces a similar gap on by the primary (left most)

The following data is sufficient for me to reproduce the problem. Paste it
into Excel, select the block of numbers and create a line chart. It will not
draw the exact same lines as above, but it will illustrate the problem with
the right side "padding".

1 2 4 8 16
100 210 440 900 2000

I hope someone is able to help. Thanks in advance!

/Jørn Schou-Rode





Jon Peltier

You need to add a secondary horizontal axis, and format it so the axis
crosses on the tick marks. You can then delete this axis if you don't
need to see it.

(Excel 2003 didn't need to do this, because its primary and secondary
axes played nicely together.)

- Jon

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