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Have the specific knowledge base instructions.

Instructions state to in the chart, select the data series, then via Format
menu, Axis tab, click the secondary axis.

I can't seem to select the individual data series. It tends to select all
the data series and the Axis tab grays out the secondary axis toggle.

I have a simple chart requirement

total # projects
totals $ value of projects

need left axis to scale to # projects
need right axis to scale to $ value of projects.

these data are divergent and doesn't display well in a single y-axis chart.







If you are having problems selecting you can:
1. On the Chart toolbar, open the first tools drop down (Chart Objects) and
pick the series.
2. Alternatively, select anything on the chart and press the arrow keys
until you reach the desired object (up, down, left, right cursor keys)
3. If the chart is selected as an object you can't select the series! You
can tell if it is selected as an object by noting the selection handles - if
the charts selection handles are circles you are in object mode, if they are
black squares you are in chart mode. If they are circles, click off the
chart and back on. If that doesn't work then display the Drawing Toolbar and
turn off the Select Objects tool (the white arrow on the far left.

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