extra info is showing up in my secondary x axis, I can't get rid o



Excel 2003:
I have a chart with a secondary axis
the x axis is July 2009 - Jan 2010
but on the x axes at the top of the chart it's showing up as March 2009 -
January 2010
I have gone to the source, made sure it's linked to the source, re-picked
the source.
what have I done wrong? Where is it getting March from?
the new Y axis is behaving perfectly.
When I look at the scale of the primary x axis, I notice it says the base is
Months but that's not available for the secondary axis.
Can anyone help?
thanks, meenie



Jon Peltier

Make sure:

1. The top axis is the secondary one.
2. The axes have the same scale min and max.

- Jon

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