How do I add extra data to a pivot table?



I know this might sound slightly simplistic, but my pivot table pulls data
from a separate tab. I know if I go in and amend the data in that table and
then save and restart, the data in my pivot table will change accordingly.
What I cannot figure out is how to add extra rows that will be reflected in
the pivot table. I can't find anyway to expand the data field in pivot table
options. Can anyone help?




EXCEL 2007

Click in the Pivot Table to launch the PivotTable Tools on the right hand
side of the Title Bar (highlighted in red).

Options / Data group / Change Data Source - this will highlight the data for
your existing Pivot Table / now extend the range as required and hit OK.

If my comments have helped please hit Yes.




Roger Govier

Hi Max

You should not be using a fixed range for your data source.
First create a Table, which will automatically grow in size as you add
more data, and then use this as the source for your PT.

Place cursor within your source data>Insert tab>Table>click my data has
On the Design tab that appears,>Properties>Table Name>give it a
meaningful name

Change Source as described previously to the name you have given to your
Table. You will never need to change it again.

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