how can I view a list of documents sent to be printed yesterday?




I am on a computer with windows XP Pro 5.1, it is connected to a network
printer, the sharing tab says it's not a shared printer. Is there a way I can
view a list of all the documents I sent to be printed yesterday?

If I go to "printers and faxes/ printer tasks/see what's printing," I can
only see documents that are being printed right now, but the print jobs
disappear from the list when they are finished. Are my print jobs immediately
erased in the spooling process after they are printed?

thanks for any help!

Alan Morris [MSFT]

Unless you configure the queue to "Keep printed jobs" (on the Advanced tab
of the printer properties), the jobs are deleted once the job has been sent
to the device or after the device sends back data to the spooler when it
supports true end of page an has the associated monitor installed.

You can keep the event log entries for printed jobs. It's in informational
event not enabled by default. Enable informational events in
Printers folder
File / Server Properties / Advanced

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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