How can I stop this happening Nsynas32 and Printer MS XPS Failures




Every now and then the new XP Pro box reboots whilst I'm in the middle
of something. It is a new box and unlikely hardware is the problem
altho' one never knows.

I have checked the event log and this error is always there at the time.

Nsynas32 service failed to start due to the following error.. The
system cannot find the specified file.

Printer MS XPS Document Writer failed to initialise because a suitable
MS XPS doc writer driver could not be found.

At none of these times was I in explorer or trying to get a file nor in
Word, in fact word is not on the box.




Run MS Update from Internet Explorer, check update history, have you
installed any driver updates, if so which ones?
Then configure MS Update to only install Critical Updates

Also run Anti Virus & malaware scans on your PC
The file you mention is a driver, but could aslo be malaware

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