How can I make an action automatically make an appointment?



Outlook 2003 & 2007.
I've been asked to build a custom form for my company to use for absences.

The form is based on IPM.message. The user will open the form, fill out the
necessary information (date of absence, etc...) and send to their supervisor.
Once the supervisor receives the form we want to have a custom action of
"Accept" or "Deny". If the supervisor accepts the form then we would like to
automatically enter an appointment into our shared department calendar for
the given date.

I have the form functioning for most part. My question is how I get the
action to fill in the data for the appointment. I can use the "Actions" page
on the custom form to open an appointment on the supervisor’s machine but how
do I get it to fill in any data? I've tried adding VBScript to the
"CustomAction" event, however; it never seems to fire on the supervisor’s
(read) side.

Can this be accomplished and where to look for this at?

Sue Mosher [MVP]

Code won't run unless the form is published to the Organizational Forms
library on your Exchange server. Make sure the "send form definition with
item" box remains unchecked when publishing.


I'm new to working with outlook forms but have experience with programming
languages(.net, vb 6, scripts, etc...) I hit the link to your book. Does the
book cover working with Outlook in an exchange environment?

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