Contact form custom action



Hi all.
I added a custom action in the actions page of the standard IPM.Contact
form. For this custom action i checked the option to show it on the context
menu and on the bar menu. I viewed through VBScript the type property of its
relative control on the context menu and it says it is a commandbutton type.
My aim is to add a submenu to my custom action control but since that is a
commandbutton control i think i can't add a submenu to it. Am i correct and
if not how can i add a submenu to the custom action i added in the Contact
I know i can do that easily using VBA but i would prefer to use only Form
customization and VBScript inside the Form.
Thanks a lot for any suggestion
Best regards





Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Only a CommandBarPopup menu item can have sub-menus or commands. A
CommandBarButton is just that, only a button.

There are commands you can handle for opening of context menus in Explorers
in Outlook 2007 as a supported mechanism. That allows you to add to the
context menus, but for that you need to use a COM addin or Outlook VBA code,
not VBScript forms code or any actions settings.

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