How can I get Auto-Reply (out of Office) text with VBA

Feb 21, 2013
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I am moderately experienced at VBA with Excel but new to VBA in Outlook.
In Outlook you can set Auto-Replies (Out of Office) for Inside and Outside your organisation. As this operates when the user account is offline I 'assume' that this is a server side feature.
I want to create an application that consolidates information from Outlook and elsewhere so that our admin staff can rapidly identify the activity of all staff for the current day.
I have more or less cracked harvesting calendar data. However, our employees are very varied in how they use Outlook. Their 'Inside our organisation' auto-reply is a useful source of information.
I cannot see any obvious means to access this via the Outlook object model.
I note that when creating a new email to a colleague who has Auto-Reply turned on I see their Auto-Reply message displayed at the top of the e-mail.
Is there any way that I can leverage this or another method in VBA so that I can harvest all of the Auto-Reply messgaes for staff?

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