Forward Emails...



Using Outlook 2007 / Exchange 2007 / Windows SBS 2008....

Staff in our office have a requirement to forward emails to other staff
members without also sending an auto-reply. If the 'Out of Office Assistant'
is used it appears that emails can only be forwarded via the 'Rules' if the
'Send Out of Office auto-replies' is on. I am aware that the Administrator
can configure Exchange to forward to another email address... but I am
stumped as to how end-users can accomplish this. I know they can write Email
rules that handle this but this is perhaps beyond the capabilities of some
staff. The 'Edit rules' configuration is much simpler to use than the Email

Am I overlooking something simple? Any suggestions would be welcome...


Roady [MVP]

Rules is the way to go. You can of course supply them with a step-by-step
guide or train them otherwise when you think it is beyond their

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