Home LAN setup



For over a week, I have been trying to set up a LAN in my
Home. I purchased an upgrade to Windows XP for my old PC
and I purchased a new PC with Windows XP. But, every time
I run the Network Wizard I get a SubApp error on both
machines. And my connection is not established. I have
also tried to transport my files and always get an error.
I have Internet connectivity for both PCs. So, I know
that the wireless router and internal Network adapters
work. But, I cannot "see" my network. I cannot access my
files on my old PC while I am on my new PC and vice versa.
I have searched MS knowledge database with no idea of how
to fix my problem or what the problem is! I tried both
picking the way it really is connected; i.e. the old pc
connects through the new pc. And, the wizard always says
that it cannot complete. I tried "other" that did not
work, neither did the gateway option. None work! Any
suggestions as to what I need (or where) to look at next?



Rob Elder, MVP-Networking

Remove any firewall software and make sure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled.




The problem is you rvirus protection software has enabled a personal firewall on each computer. Recommend shutting it off until your computers see each other. Be sure to reset the workgroup on each and reboot. Once they see each other go into the firewall and allow access from specific IP addresses. The ones from your other computers. Good Luck. Took me two days to figure that one out.

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