Hitachi Deskstar Bizarre Noise Fault


Alex Lush

Hi All,

I have recently had a couple of Hitachi Deskstar hard drives go bad on
me. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had symptoms like these and
can shed any light on what my chances are of getting any data

When powered up, both drives emit a strange beeping sequence, please
visit the following URL to listen as its quite a bizzarre sound (not
the usual clunks or grinding as with most HD faults I've seen):

Both drives produce this noise for around one minute then it stops.
Not sure if the drive powers down at this stage or not, I can't hear
or feel any movement.

The drives are both 500GB IDE 3.5" 7,200RPM Models, model number:
HDT725050VLAT80 and were manufactured in Aug 2007.

They were installed in a NAS device, see the following link:

I have downloaded and run the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test by plugging
the drives into a PC, but neither BIOS or the DFT recognise the

Has anyone had a fault like this before? Anyone managed to get their
data back? I have considered using a professional data recovery
company but could do with any comments/help before I commit to going
down that rather costly road. Suggestions on tools/techniques to
recover data?

Any help appreciated!!




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