** Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 or not? **




I am making the final tweaks to my system configuration. I was
considering buying a Hitachi drive, but have been warned that their
predecessors were IBM DeskStars and that they were very unreliable.

Link to the drive I am considering:

The only reason that I am considering buying this drive is the many
favorable reviews that is has gotten saying that it outperforms other
drives in its class and is silent.

Here are some of the reviews that I have read:




Thanks for your opinions and input!





I have over 20 180 GXPs, 95% of them doing non-stop 24-7 read/write.
Average 10 months or so, in use. Two have failed (one out of ten). The
first one was nearly DOA. It failed in a few of days. The second in
about four/six months or so. Based on my experience with HDs, I think
this is acceptable. Now using 7K250s, 14 total. Average 2 months usage.
No failures yet. Knock on wood. You can check the status of my drives on
storagereview.com. I will have to update the info soon as my reports are
out of date.

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