History !

Why can't Microsoft get their act together?

How many times have you tried to enter something into a Microsoft Office
program and a small window appears with a comment along the lines of "You
can't do that!" - you're puzzled, so you enter a 'key' word, that has
appeared in the small window, as a question in 'Help' and the supposed help
that appears is hopeless !

Try this - (Excel2007 - I'm not a fan !) Enter "History" as a tab name. Up
comes the window 'History is a reserved name'. Ah, I wonder why !

OK try entering that sentence or words from that sentence into the 'Help'
search. Do you get a satisfactory result ? (This is just one of many examples)

So why can't the code writers and the 'help' file authors get their heads
together and produce a help system for words presented by the code writers?

I've had my moan - so can anybody please tell me in what context is
"History" a reserved name when it comes to labelling a tab?



Bob Phillips

Whilst I might agree with you that there are a lot of odd (mistaken?) design
decisions and a ton of what I think are bugs in Excel 2007, this is no
different than Excel 2003. Not good, but not new.





I am in agreement that there are many possible improvements to the Help
system, but then I noticed over the years, similar shortcommings in all
programs, from Microsoft or not, which could use improvements to thier help

From a application development prespective this probably falls under the
category of "reduced scope". In other words, as time approaches for
releasing a product, a choice is made to spend time getting the feature set
working and not on documenting the help system.

If you don't already know why History is a reserved word - it is because
Excel is prepared to use a sheet named History to track changes. You can
play with the shared workbook feature and track changes to see what this
sheet does.

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