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This is a nagging problem regarding viewing a history item in a contact. For
example a Phone Log. When you typically open a phone log, you will see in
the "body" of the phone log all your notes. The border on the right side of
the window presents you with the vertical scroll bar and you can navigate
without a problem.

After some time, if you close the Phone log, you will see your History but
the screen has a very large border on the right side with the columns hidden.
You can use the horizontal scroll bar but it is very difficult to reach
because it is partially hidden. Maximizing the window does not help.
Closing Outlook 2007 does not help. Only Closing everything Outlook and
restarting the SQL server BCM server helps.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Louis James




Hi louisjjames,

Can you please clarify the problem with a consistent reproducible steps?


louisjjames via OfficeKB.com

Can you please clarify the problem with a consistent reproducible steps?


That's the weird thing. I can't. For example this morning, it has already
started. And not many programs are running nor do I have a lot of windows
open in Outlook 2007.

It does seem only to happen in all thing BCM and not Outlook. For example,
the screens for e-mail never have a problem. But it's the screens for the
Business Contact Manager including Phone Log, the History View, etc. that
seem to go crazy.

I can stop the problem every time by closing Outlook 2007 and then running
the following

net stop "SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ)"
net start "SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ)"

Works every time. Problem goes away and then will stay away for some time.
The only pattern I typically see is if I click in and out of Windows in
Outlook through BCM. Click in, take a peek, minimize it, go to the next.
Might have 5 or 6 windows open. Close them all (but not Outlook) and then it

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Thanks again





Loius, if you're willing, can you please send us some more

I will need exact steps to reproduce your problem, preferably from a
fresh restart ofyour PC and Outlook. In other words, restart your PC,
start Outlook, and then - if you can - take the steps to reproduce the
problem, and tell me exactly what those steps are.

Also send me a screen shot of the problem as you're describing it.
Just hit printscreen, then paste it into an email to me.

Please send the above to chrishey____at____microsoft.com.

Hopefully we can figure out what's going on.

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