highlighting/ shading



I am having great difficulty seeing the shaded areas of text, the right slide
bar to index a window, and any other areas I want to cut, paste, etc.; the
default color in my Word 2007 is a very light (nearly invisible) blue. Can
anyone show me how to change the color or intensity of shading for these
(I have tried the font box with the arrow to the right of font color, but
this appears to change only text already highlighted, with any new shading
defaulting back to the impossible light blue.) Thanks.



JoAnn Paules

I have the same problem. One thing that helped a little bit is to change the
brightness/color temps of your monitor.



Daiya Mitchell

Is not selection highlight color a setting in the OS?

If it isn't, doesn't Office 2007 come with different themes? Perhaps a
different theme uses a different selection highlight color.

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