Paragraph Shading in Word


Kathy Johnson

I have several tables in a Word document that have dark blue shading with
white text. These paragraphs were previously white background with black
text. After working on the document and saving it, the paragraph shading and
text changed. I can't find where this shading is set. The shading is "No
Fill" under Format -> Borders and Shading. But, when I select Format ->
Reveal Formatting, the Paragraph Shading is listed as "Pattern: Clear (Dark
Blue)". Format -> Font shows the Font color as "Automatic". Does anyone
know how I can change this back to the original setting?

Suzanne S. Barnhill

This error is caused by having certain buttons on your QAT. Among those
known to cause the problem are "Different first page" and "Different odd and
even." If you discover others whose removal solves the problem, we'd be
interested to know what they are.

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