Windows XP Highest Quality MP3's


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Mar 16, 2002
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Are you into MP3's? Do you have hundreds of them in your computer? This post is not about downloading, or sharing MP3's but is for creating your own from your CD collection to be played on your computer while you work! Copying music CD's for your personal use is perfectly legal and the consumer is allowed to do so, as long as you do not start trading them.

If you are keen in the finest sound quality, look no further!

LAME MP3 encoder is the only codec which is actually being developed and improved. The outcome of the developement work of the LAME open source community is that LAME outperforms all commercial MP3 encoders as well as other free ones.

LAME gives you good speed, best quality and huge amount of options and flexibility. This is a commandline utility you can setup for use with good quality ripper, such as Exact Audio Copy

You may check out the step by step guide entitled Creating Amazing MP3's

Happy encoding and listening! :)

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