How to extract audio from DVD to MP3?



How to extract audio from DVD to MP3?

DVD-Video is a standard for storing video content on DVD media. The
specifications for DVD video and audio requirements vary by global
region and television system, many DVD players support all possible
formats. Although many resolutions and formats are supported, most
consumer DVD-Video discs use either 4:3 or anamorphic 16:9 aspect
ratio MPEG-2 video, stored at a resolution of 720x480 (NTSC) or
720x576 (PAL) at 29.97, 25, or 23.976 FPS.

DVD Audio is commonly stored using AC3 (Dolby Digital), DTS (Digital
Theater System), LPCM (uncompressed Linear PCM) or MP2(MPEG-1 Layer
2). You can extract audio from DVD movies, MTV or concert and convert
to ac3, wma, aac, m4a, ogg, mpeg-1 audio layer 3 formats.

Follow the steps below to extract audio from DVD to MP3.

Extract audio from DVD to MP3 using Eufony DVD MP3 Ripper

1. After launch Eufony, Insert a DVD in your DVD-ROM drive. In the
folders pane, click on the DVD Drive, select and open folder
"VIDEO_TS" which contains VOB files you want to convert to MP3. DVD
uses MPEG-2 for video compression and VOB as the file extension.
2. In the file list pane, select one or more VOB files.
3. Right click on the selected VOB files to bring up the context menu
and select Convert or Merge.
4. In the Audio Format Conversion window, select MP3 from the Output-
Format list.
5. If you want to change the output quality, select the Custom radio
button. (optional)
6. If you want to change the destination folder for MP3, click on the
Browse icon button to change. (optional)
7. Click Convert to start extracting.

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