hidden IE history?

Apr 16, 2006
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Internet Explorer has 'automatically cleared' over a year's worth of browser history and I'm not happy about it. But I noticed the history folder is still around 45MB. Could it be that the history data is in there but is hidden? Could it somehow be recovered? the history pane also still lists all the weekly entries going all the way back to '58 weeks ago' (although they're now all empty or almost empty). It just seems 45MB is an awful lot of space to just store the handful of remaining URLs and that is leading me to hope that there's still history data to be recovered in there; unlikely, i know, but i just wanted to ask anway...

if nothing can be done, can someone at least explain why most of the history's index files now just list a bunch of blank/prefixed lines (over 400,000 in one case)? If my history really is lost, then whats the point of IE 'clearing' it when ur still left with over 45MB of mostly blank lines and a history pane full of empty/useless weekly entries? 10,000 'thank you's

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