IE 6 - Clearing the History Trail Ain't a Workin


Guv Bob

Hidee doody folks,

I want to purge my history and did what the "help" file said... (below). But
then when I enter a website in the add dress line, the dang thang still
suggests sites I done awl reddy bin too!! Any way to 'really' clear the
list? Win 2000 Prof

From the Help Menu which don't work...

"To delete Autocomplete entries from the Address bar list...

The AutoComplete feature saves previous entries you've made for Web
addresses, forms, and passwords. To delete entries from the Address bar, you
must clear your History folder. You cannot clear individual entries from the
list of saved entries.

1.. On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options.
2.. Click the General tab.
3.. Under History, click Clear History.

Don Varnau

You may be clearing the History but not the index.dat file.

Try CCleaner (freeware)from check the History,
index.dat and TypedURLs boxes and run
Notes: I would not allow CCleaner to remove Hotfix Uninstallers (Advanced)
and you should be careful with the Issues and Tools features.

Hope this helps,

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