Hi Everybody please take 5 minutes and read this is a great opportunity for make a lot of money. Com



VERIFIED METHOD TO MAKE EASY MONEY LEGALLY AND The best form to make rpido money. If it really wants to know if this works, it observes by same you, and single this sees whichever people doing this. If this does not convince to you, nothing har. You do not let pass this opportunity, I convenc does not create but me and now all my family and friends we are improving our LIVES. No you have nothing to lose much but that to win. Dars tells you that he is something truely ingenious and that it is, and to har to you to gain a few euros or dlares and single hill 6 EUROS or 6 U.S. DLARES, and that is not nothing compared with which podra reportarte if you dedicate to time and sacrifice. YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY TO PAY YOUR DEBTS? TO BUY THAT CAR THAT AS MUCH YOU YEARN FOR? SPEND 5 MINUTES DE SU TIME AND SIDE THAT THIS REALLY WORKS AND IN ADDITION HE IS LEGAL. Permteme decirte that encontr. And that that I detest those schemes of marketing with several levels, or to do rdenes by mail, or putting propagandas in you exceed of mail, etc., the list is interminable. Prob all the hateful schemes of hacerte rich rpido during 5 aos. It was sailing by the groups (GOOGLE, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, ETC.) When I saw I articulate that deca something to obtain rpido money. “Good, I said myself to my same one, I have to do that type of scheme can to present/display in Internet ". This artculo describes the way to command. BY MAIL 1 TICKET OF EURO or 1 SINGLE AMERICAN DLAR TO 6 PEOPLE And TO GAIN $50,000 IN CASH IN 4 WEEKS. Good, whatever ms pens about this but anxious one was. Ace that conclu: clear it must of being a swindle. But like the mayora of we peculiar and it was moved, ace that segu reading. Despus to meditate it and to consult it with some people decid to try it. Really it is worth only 6 6 euros or dlares and 6 seals of mail, I have spent ms buying the lotera and never I have won. This is not a swindle; he is not indecente, is not illegal; and he is free 99% of risk, really works if you become attached yourself to the instructions, recibirs extraordinary dividends. Now sers part of the business of the mail lists. In this business your product is not slido nor tangible, is a service. These in business of the development of the mail lists (Mailing lists). Good first of all the main propsito of this letter is convencerte of that this it is an honest, legal and extremely profitable system and tambin a form to obtain excellent income in a period very short of time. It is possible to stand out, tambin, that this system has fulfilled its natural cycle, that is to say, has verified its effectiveness and with excellent results. Also, this system does not require contact fsico with people, does not require either of a heavy or difcil work, and the best thing: you tendra that not to leave house except gathering his mail. This it is a program of SUPPORT ELECTRNICO that takes advantage of world-wide platform of Internet, which guarantees its operation in it forms perfect. 100% OF THE TIMES. Thousands of people have resorted to this average one to obtain good capitals and ace to initiate its own one business. Bsicamente, becomes possible to travs of a chain that goes a thousands of people and who to har reality tambin for single you with his colaboracin. For that reason I recommend to him TO FOLLOW CAREFULLY AND EXACTLY The INSTRUCTIONS OF THIS LETTER, recalcndole once again that this is 100% insurance and that not to regret having ledo this I articulate and position in practices… IT SHARES MONEY AND IT RECEIVES MONEY RPIDO… BY MAIL. THIS REALLY WORKS. LELO PLEASE, AGREES TO YOU LELO. ! MONEY RPIDO! This in truth works. ************************************************** *********** ATENCIN: Lee this carefully. He is not that it is necessary, but it is a good one idea to print these leaves like reference in case you have doubts. ************************************************** *********** INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1: It obtains 6 white sheets of paper and writes the following thing: “PLEASE IT INCLUDES MY NAME IN HIS LIST OF CORRESPONDENCE OR Email " Or “PLEASE ADD MY NAME TO YOUR LIST”. Soon, tambin writes your name, direccin and electrnico mail (email). And like a pretty detail pon tambin in which POSICIN appeared each name of the people when you sent your DLAR Or EURO (Ej.: “You were in posicin 3” or " You were in slot 3”) like doing it but complete. That one is, to make money and to pass it well to he himself time, everything with good will. Now it doubles sta pgina where you do written the previous thing, around the currency of 1 Euro or of the ticket of 1 to dlar American, you do not send to checks nor another type of payments, single Euros or Dlares American. Ponlo everything within 1 on and mndalo to each one of the 6 listed people, the idea to double the paper around of the Euro it is for assuring that it is going to arrive at his destiny and THAT IS IMPORTANT. Of another way the people who work in the mail podra to detect that one is money and to remain with the THOUSANDS of YOU EXCEED that they are to you arriving; so that it is recommended to surround everything, additionally, in a dark paper or of carbn so that a is not seen travs of on. What these doing are to create a service and like so, does COMPLETELY LEGAL. From now on not these mandndole a EURO or a DOLLAR to some person without ningn reason, these paying a EURO or A DOLLAR by I legitimize service (I assure to you, again, that this is completely legal). Immediately afterwards, enva the 6 you exceed to following directions:
(1) Jorge Luis Muoz GarciaBernardo Alcedo 197 Dpto 403 Santa Cruz Miraflores Lima Per. Postcard Code Lima 18
(2) Alexander Juan Valverde of the CarpioJr. Primavera j-6, Mars Field, PaucarpataArequipa, Peru
(3) Roco Ruz CumapaAv. Chimpu Ocllo Mz R lot 4 Urbanizacin Villa Corpac, Carabayllo.Postal Code Lima 6.Lima, Per.
(4) Rosana RussoGral. Heredia 1041 PB Dto. 2 Code Postcard 1870 AvellanedaBuenos Argentina airs
(5) Ismael Soto Jr Manoa 719 Brea. Postcard Code Lima 05 Lima - Peru
(6) Franco Vagni, adress Saenz Peña 626. Postal code 2921 Godoy- Santa Fe- Argentina
STEP 2: Listening with care, this is the form of as you are going to receive Money by mail. It watches the list of the SIX people, flock the name #1 of the list of above, and adds yours at the end of her, ace that the one that was # 2 happens to be # 1 and the one that was # 3 happens to be # 2, the one that he was # 4 happens to be # 3 and the one that was # 5 happens to be 4 etc. and YOUR you are now nmero 6, includes your name, direccin, C.P., city, state and pas. STEP 3: It changes everything what you create advisable of this I articulate, but it tries to maintain it the closest possible thing to the original one. Now pon your I articulate at least in 200 NEWSGROUP, tambin calls Forums of Discusin or Groups of the News (they exist ms of 24,000 groups). Single you need 200, but at the most amount you put, but money arrived to you. Aqu goes some indications of cmo to introduce itself in the NEWSGROUP. LIKE HANDLING THE NEWSGROUP: In the first place, t you do not need to write up again all this letter to do the yours own one. Only pon cursor of mouse or ratn at the beginning of this letter and drags towards under way that all the text is “shaded”. Despus, presses keys CTRL+C, of this form it is in the memory of your computer. Soon, aplicacin preferably opens to one Notas Pad (NOTEPAD), Wordpad or MsWord. Soon, once opened anyone of these applications place the cursor at the beginning of a leaf in target and it presses CTRL+V, and already tendrs this letter and podrs to add your name and direccin in #6 following the instructions of above. By I complete guard this letter with your changes in a new file of aplicacin. HE IS EVERYTHING. Everything what you must do now is meterte in different “newsgroup”, forums, classified, or announcements free, etc. and to publish it. It remembers that whenever you want to do it it was enough with to open the kept file, to copy it and to stick it in the message criminal of the newsgroup, or classified, forum or announcement free, etc. In order to arrive to them in any finder pon these trminos: newsgroup, forums of discusin, classified, announcements free or guestbooks; and aparecern thousands of pages. You do not forget to publish all the announcement or letter but with YOUR NAME in posicin 6, disappearing the 1; when you already have single prctica took about 30 seconds you by each newsgroup. it recommends, adems, that when you publish descripcin of this rticulo you try to give a name him that “catches”, as “IT NEEDS MONEY FAST? , IT READS THIS I ARTICULATE " or “IT NEEDS MONEY TO PAY HIS DEBTS? “, “IT LOWERS EAST FILE AND IT READS AS IT CAN RECEIVE MONEY BY MAIL " etc. and nonace “DESIRE MILLION IN 1 WEEK”, because nobody you it took in serious. IT REMEMBERS, WHICHEVER MAS NEWSGROUP YOU OBTAIN, MAS ANSWERS (AND MONEY) TO RECEIVE? S! BUT YOU MUST ENTER 200 AT LEAST. ALREADY THIS! T estars receiving money worldwide, of places that nor you know and in a few DAS. ASEGRATE OF WHICH ALL DIRECTIONS ESTN CORRECT ** Now So that of all this: of 200 sent announcements, let us say that to single receipt 5 answers (bajsimo example). If single 6 people respond, this does: In # 6:6 Euros (Dlares) In # 5:36 Euros (Dlares) In # 4:216 Euros (Dlares) In # 3:1.296 Euros (Dlares) In # 2:7.776 Euros (Dlares) In # 1:46.656 Euros (Dlares) I COMPLETE STEP: And this it is the step that ms SIMPLY I like SIENTATE and IT ENJOYS, BECAUSE THE CASH COMES IN WAY! Delay to see just a little bit of money during the second week, but from third week, STORM OF YOU EXCEED IN YOUR MAIL. Everything what you must do it is to receive it and it deals with not shouting very hard, when DES tells you of that sta time you obtained it! It remembers to do this of CORRECT, CLEAN AND HONEST form and worked with complete certainty. You only must be honest. You do not need to make tricks with the bsica make money in this! ******* Said is of step, that if your you defraud to the people putting messages with your name and not envas ningn money to dems of the list, your no recibirs almost NOTHING. I have talked with people who knew people who made this and single got to collect about $150,00, and that despus of 7 weeks. Some decided to prove again, hacindolo correctly, and in 4-5 weeks received ms of $10,000.00. This is but the clean and honest way to share fortune that I jams have seen, without costing to us much except a little of time. When you begin to be short of money, file reactivates ste and republic in such new places in which you are going them to do now and places that conocers in the future. Always mantn by hand a copy of ste artculo, REACTIVALO whenever you need money. IT IS AN INCREDIBLE TOOL THAT YOU CAN RETURN TO USE WHATEVER TIMES NEED MONEY IN CASH, IS A FORM TO SHARE EXTRAORDINARY AND IN WHICH WE ATTRACT THE ABUNDANCE OUR LIVES. HONESTY IS WHAT MAKES PREVAIL TO STE PROGRAMS. NOT IT FORGET. GOOD LUCK! Single a note ms, if you know to translate all this message to others languages, you can adems, insrtalos in forums of different you happen like, France, Germany, Russia (this I say it like advice to expand possibilities that it sees much but people it).



Steve Wolstenholme

VERIFIED METHOD TO MAKE EASY MONEY LEGALLY AND The best form to make rpido money. If it really wants to know if this works,

What a load of rubbish

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