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Mar 9, 2008
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Hi there ( I am new to this site so please bear with me)

I am currently using a large database, which has been designed by someone else and I am not too familiar with database design.

There are 3 tables relating to Courses.

HEAs Table - relates to the Course and has the following fields.
(HEA) - Course number (Primary Key)
(Level of Study)

There can be only 1 course with each number IE HEA11222 and HEA99888

I also have a Table (HEACourses) which relate to the intake of each course.
(HEACourse) (Primary Key)
(Start Date)
(Course Status)
and other fields relating to the intake. (there can be several intakes of each course)

I also have another table (STUDENT MODULES) which links these to student records.
(Student Module ID No) (Primary Key)
(Student Database ID No)
(Course Status)
and other fields relating to the student enquiry etc.

I have a subform which has a section relating to the course that the student wants to take. The form has all the fields of the STUDENT MODULES TABLE. I can enter the module number by either typing it in or by choosing from a combi box. I then have to choose the module title from another combi box with hundreds of entries in. When I input the HEACourse information, the form will then update the Fee, course status and campus automatically. I then come to the award box and level box, but have to fill these in manually too. I then have to go into another subform (invoices) and put the course fee in there as well.

Is there any way I can :
Get Access to enter the HEA Title, Level and Credit Fields Automatically
Get Access to enter the Course fee in the invoicing form automatically too?

Please help as best you can!



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