Synchronized Combo Boxes



Hi -

I have a form called student /course registration form
The first 3 fields are

When you open the form, and want to add a record, you select a student and a
course from combo boxes. The values that come up are read only - they tell
you who the student is and the details about the course. Then you select
course options and get the total course fee and save the new record in the
student/course table.

However, there are now over 400 course/date offerings, (and the list has
just begun). This makes for a lot of scrolling in the cboSelectCourse combo
box. I was wondering if I could select a Course Number first, then select a
Course Start Date from a second combo box.

I know how to synchronize 2 combo boxes. I did the tutorial called.
How to Synchronize Two Combo Boxes on a Form

But would this work in this case? Not only do I need to select a value for
CourseStartDate, but I need to use the CourseID and the CourseStartDate to
find the Course record which has the fees on it for that specific course.






Create a CourseID combo, and a CourseStartDate combo.
In the query behind CourseStartDate use a criteria against the CourseID
field (usually hidden) like this....
= Forms!YourFornName!CourseID
That will filter the CourseStartDate combo to only show those records with a
CourseID equal to the CourseID selection.
Al Camp

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