HELP with new install of XP

Apr 9, 2010
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I recently re-installed windows XP using a restore disc from a friend's computer. It was a 2001 Dell Dimension. Mine is a 2003 Dell Dimension 4600.

1. It only shows 640 by 480 resolution and 16 bit color in the settings. I know that the flat screen monitor can be better, but I can't change it. I looked in the device manager folder and nothing having to do with it comes up.

2. No LAN comes up in Network Connections so I cannot connect to the internet. I have an ethernet cable running from my computer to the home router, but no connection. I also tried installing a wireless receiver with the CD, but no luck. In device manager folder no "network apapters" comes up.
Along with that I have 5 things listed in other devices with ? and ! as their icons
-Ethernet Controller
-Multimedia Audio Controller
-SM Bus Controller
-Universial Serial Bus (USB) Controller
-Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

I do have the Dell Resource CD from my original computer, but when I clicked on update the driver on each of them, no driver was found on the CD.

I believe that I just don't have all of the correct drivers installed, but I don't know which drivers to install from the Dell Resource CD. I can't update for that computer at all because I can't connect to the internet.

If any of this helps, under system properties:

Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
2.79 GHz
512 MB of RAM

Advice please?


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