Help with Dell XPS 625

Jan 20, 2009
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Hi all,

First off, i am new and this is my first post (Hello!). So, apologies if i posting in the wrong section!

I am currently looking into buying a new desktop, which can satisfy my gaming needs!

I am not an expert when it comes to the hardware within computers, and hence have a few questions.

I like the look of the XPS625 from dell, as it looks affordable and seems to have some good reviews as a 'gaming' PC.

Anyone aware of the XPS 625 may be able to help with the below...

As a gamer i would be going for the latest AMD processor which is the AMD Phenom II 940 Black Edition. This processor/PC comes with a AM+2 socket (I believe?), and hence only supports DDR2 memory.

My concern is that AMD are stating they are releasing new Phenoms II that use a AM3 socket in the next few months, which supports DDR3 memory.

If DDR3 memory is the way of tomorrow, and i want to have an up-to-date desktop, then what are the benefits of buying the XPS625?

Would the XPS625 not be obsolite when new AMD desktops are released shortly and can support DDR3?

I see AMD state their processors are backwards compatible, and hence a current Phenom can use a AM2 or AM2+ socket. But if i bought now i wouldnt be able to upgrade my Phenom II to an AM3 socket??

So the point im trying to get at is:
- Should i wait until AMD supports DDR3 to buy or desktop or wait?
- What are the benfits of buying the xps625 now, and i dont understand why they would bring out a machine if it was outdated in a matter of months.

Sorry if there is any confusions....hopefully some will understand me!!



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