Help with Action Buttons in PowerPoint



I am designing a Family Fued Game for my office Christmas Party. I would
like to use PowerPoint for the presentation. I am having difficulty with the
1. The individual slide would have 6 answer boxes numbered 1 - 6. The
answers should be hidden.
2. When the game participant says one of the hidden answers, I want to
reveal that answer. As the game continues answers would be revealed.
3. If the participant says the answer that is under #3, can PowerPoint be
used so that I can click on the # 3 box to reveal the answer? Once an
answer is revealed, it would stay revealed. Then if the participant says the
answer under #1, I would like to click the # 1 box to reveal it, and so on.
4. I am able to hide the answer boxes but when I click the slide during the
presentation, the first box opens, then the second and so on. I need them to
open randomly as I choose them.

John Wilson

Glad that helped. You might be interested in our commercial game creator
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We don't currently do a "Family Feud" game but Millionaire & Blockbuster are
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