Help with a macro




I am trying to convert a database from SQL6.5 backend/Access 2000
front end to SQL2005BE/Access 2003 front end.

I moved all macros to VB code. (Macros were simple and basically
opened other forms or reports.)

Now when I am working on one specific form, when I click on any of
the command buttons or next/previous record buttons, I get an error
message saying something like 'Can not find macro "." . Either the
macro or macrogroup does not exist or not saved.....'.

I do not have any 'run macro' command in the application ( at least
that I can see). I recreated the form and still have the problem.

I can not figure out what is causing this message and how to stop

Please help.

Thank you,




Steve Schapel


In this instance, I would proceed like this:
Compact/Repair the database, via the Tools=>Database Utilities menu.

Make a new MDB file, and via the File=>Get External Data menu, import all
objects from your current database into the new one, except the problem

Recreate the form in the new database.

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