Help - Win and NDS Coexistance


Ryan Miller


Novell experience = 0

I have a client running NW - 4.x for file and industry application (MINFOS -
Pharmacy S/W), the have a WIN 2K Server as well (SERVER01)

Recently they decided to replace the WIN2K Box, now Win2k SBS 2000.

I am trying to get the two servers to coexist (NW can not be migrated
because of Application (uses NW login to authenticate users). They wish to
use exchange as the mail server / contact management.

I have a WINXP workstation with NW client 4.9 and setup do single sign on -
works fine - can browse resources on both server that permissions are set

PROBLEM - exchange is intermittently being detected by Client machine when
single sign on is used, when just logging on the WIN2K Box, no issue - works
a treat.

Any ideas .... (email me & post to forum)

If you need more info - please ask - I am desperate now.

Keith Klenke

How many user network?
Checked into gw65 since it does contact mgmt, works smoothly with nw &
nwclient, no need for exchange/outlook & its list from securityfocus.

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