help! service unavailable



recently i downloaded msn messenger 7.5 i had no proplems at first unti
i tried to log-on last week, i keep gettin error code "800401fs" an
message saying the sevice is temporarily unavailable, i have trie
numerous attempts to sign in but no luck, typing in my address is ver
slow, i am able to sign in on other computers...can anyone help i
solving my problem to get my messenger bak to normal??!


I have the same error tried reinstalling 4.7 and the installing 8.0. the same
symptoms appear on both versions in that typing in your address is slow to
respond then when you press sign in you het the error instantaneously. The
error code 800401fs does not exsist on the list of errors either cannot find
any infomation on it.
Anyone able to help on this?

John Jay Smith


try closing all other applications (even the things
running in your tray) disable antivirus and firewall
and try again.....

also try this NO-INSTALL version that is only one

Release: Windows Live Messenger Lite 8.0.0792

- standalone version of wlm in a single exe
- requires no installation, does not unpack or install any files
- does not modify the registry, with the exception of storing
your msn settings in hkey_current_user
- runs from guest/limited access accounts
- runs on as little as Windows XP with no service packs, patches, updates,
or IE6 SP1

tell us what happens...


Have already tried those options but still no luck tried the web addres
given still the same repsonse as before! thanx for the help tho!


is there anyone now viewing who can give me further advice as messenge
still unavailable :(

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