Help Please



I have a problem I'm a little stuck on at the moment.

A user is trying to access a share on one of the DWP
servers, yesterday it worked, today he's getting "you dont
have access to this folder". Users connect to the server
using their network logon.

Looked at the share they're trying to access and the names
given access are in the form "S-1-5-21-483..." and

Noticed that the NetLogon service is failing with EventID:
No Windows NT or Windows 2000 Domain Controller is
available for domain XXXX. The following error occurred:
There are currently no logon servers available to service
the logon request.

Restarting the service results in another error.

Anyone any ideas???

Alex Tarata


For that error you might want to have a look at :

Now, the reason why users can not access the shares is obvious, the server
that is hosting these shares is not able to see the domain and such it can
not see and authenticate any accounts. That is why you see "S-1-5-21-483..."
instead of the account names.

Where there any changes done on that server ? Any changes to your DC
structure ?


Thanks for your suggestions on this, the problem was a
little odd.

The DNS and WINS settings were correct, the same as all
the other servers. Could ping and resolve all the DNS and
WINS servers (and the PDC).
The datagram sizes and timeouts were fine, changing these,
even to the maximum had no effect.

The solution in the end was quite simple,
Anyway, just in case you're interested, the solution was

Removed the machine from the domain.
Deleted the machine record from the PDC.
Flushed the DNS buffers.
Registered the machine again for DNS.
Added the machine record to the PDC.
Joined it again to the domain.
(Strange thing was, was that I couldn't do any of this
from the gui, had to find a command line tool.)

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