HELP PLEASE: STOP 0X00001E (0XC00005, 0X80520D1F, 0X00000000, 0X00000FF8)



Posted this earlier

Hi ,

Today Suddenly a blue screen popped up with the following error on
windows 2000 sp4

: STOP 0X00001E (0XC00005, 0X80520D1F, 0X00000000, 0X00000FF8) address
80520D1F BASE AT 80400000 DateStamp 42258bd8-ntoskrnl.exe

Beginning to dump memory

The machine then reboots and give the log in screen. When I log in , it
starts registering then boom! the error comes back. BAsically I cannot
log in. Tried safe mode too - as soon as I login same problem.

I desparately need help here. I do not have emergency repair disks.
Someone had suggested to replace ntoskrnl.exe from Driver Cache and/or
from setup disk. Tried that and has not worked. The orignal file is now
back in and I continue to get this error..

any help really appreciated - desperate

also - It does not crash till I log in. At the time I had my wireless
card enable and LAN disabled on teh computer so haven't been able to
reach it from other computers too ..

Is there any way in recovery mode can enable network connection so I
can read the hard disk? Can I read the event log somehow in recovery



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